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Why Use the Film Medium?


"Today, anyone can shoot video.
Film making is an art."

Technology and Film

Bert Decker has produced and directed over 150 documentary style films and videos, using almost all of the mediums: 16mm film, 35mm film (incl widescreen 16 track), Video in Beta SP, VHS, Hi-8 and now almost exclusively in DV (Digital Video.) Here is what he has to say about how technology and art can be used to best advantage:

“Film making is an art. Anyone can shoot video. That’s the main reason I still prefer to call myself a “filmmaker” rather than a “videomaker.” The beauty of making artistic moving picture documents today is you can use the fantastic advantages of Digital Video computer technology, and actually enhance the art form.

“Large film crews and hours to set up lights and camera were a great disadvantage to filmmaking in the past. No more. You don’t need large crews (and most often we use one-man “crews” and you can usually shoot documentary footage in available light now. What a time and cost advantage. But more importantly, the art form of the documentary is enhanced by creating a more “real” situation, and squeezing every ounce of spontaneity out of the moment.”

Some Thoughts about the
Vision Videos Vision and Execution

Communicate your purpose and passion, to clients, donors, volunteers.

Vision Videos have a unique approach:

  • They capture the vision of the organization
  • They communicate the vision in emotional and compelling visual language
  • They use real people in candid, unstaged circumstances
  • They are personal
  • People, Power, Persuasion

A Vision Video visualizes
the heart of the organization

It’s all feel…

Bert Decker has proven track record for results by Vision Videos. His auteur approach utilizes his years of award winning documentary filmmaking. Quality and style are there, but the hallmarks of his approach show reality and human beauty at an emotional, visceral level. He captures this by using the technology of Digital Video which enables one-man taping, and fast production. He is an expert in DV cinema verite. The same talent of one mind is at work when talking, interviewing and shooting footage, for he is editing in his head. And his broad experience in communications training, TV interviewing, professional speaking, along with his executive and business acumen add to the ability to get the best.

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